I’m Getting Moving!

Last year my wife and I made one of the hardest decisions we had ever made. We pulled our daughters out of a prestigious private girl’s school to our local public school (going into 3rd and 4th grade), a decision the girl’s deplored. It was very difficult for us to due to the girl’s tears and my family’s multi-generational connection to the school.

We made the decision for four reasons: 

  1. We were going to send our son to the public school no matter what and it would be nice for him (and more convenient for us) to be in the same school as his sisters

2. One of our daughters made friends with boys more easily than with girls (something that I will undoubtedly lament when she is a teenager)

3. As a family we would become more connected with our neighborhood and develop relationships in the community

4. Free is good

And this is what happened…

We did our research and had lots of conversations. All our neighbors loved the local public school. We made the move, the girl’s cried, then mounted their courage, went to school, and adjusted quickly. Both girls have always performed well academically and this continued. My older daughter landed a staring role in the school play and my other learned to play the recorder and enjoyed performing in the concert. Now they both have lots of friends in the neighborhood (something which was lacking before). Boys show up at our door all the time asking to play with my oldest (something I will undoubtedly lament when she is a teenager). Also, my oldest (in 5th grade) is student body president.

Mom and Dad have also enjoyed the transition. The new school is great, my wife Nora is participating in the PTA, and we run into the same people at school, church, and the pool strengthening our connection to the community. Nora and I have also become pretty good friends with the parents of the kid’s friends. One such family (Jamie, Robin, and their daughters) have become real buddies with us.

And now I am really sore…

So Jamie and I grabbed a couple beers one Saturday at an Irish Pub and over beer and Irish Nachos (which are potato skins drowned in cheese) we decided to start doing “Body Pump” at the local YMCA three times a week at 5:45 am. Though this appealed to me at the time as a way to lose the extra pounds (that I was adding to at that moment) I was headed toward a world of pain.

We are on week two and we’ve done a pretty good job holding each other accountable. I think each morning we secretly hope that the other one of us will wimp out and give us an excuse to go back to bed but neither of us wants to be the one to wimp out. As a result we have been getting there. We’ve even done two Spin classes in between Body Pump days.

Body Pump is not easy, but being part of a class helps you get a solid workout each time. (Sometimes even when I would get to the gym previously I would wimp out on the actual exercises.) I have started with lighter weights (in my younger days this would have assaulted my ego… these days… not so much). I also pause and shake out my legs when the lactic acid starts to really burn. Though I am far from a star student at least I am getting to the gym on a regular basis. I’ve noticed the difference in my body. I am tighter if quite sore.

So, this new venture is a win and a further step toward overall wellness.

Current Weight:  262.6 pounds
Goal: 225 pounds

Steps Forward:

  • Health
    • Body: + (exercise)
    • Spirit: + (hope)
    • Heart: + (relationships)

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