There is Reason to be Optimistic

It is a good time to be optimistic about things. I don’t say that because of I think that either of the two leading Presidential candidates are going to make America everything we know it can be. As of this writing, I don’t even know who our next Commander in Chief will be, but I do know that there is reason to be optimistic. I see it in my children. I see it in my children’s classmates. I see it in the kids at church. They support each other. They accept each other. They encourage each other. They love each other. Could this next generation be learning something important that today’s leader’s have lost touch with? Do they understand that it is not about THEM but about OTHERS? I think they might.

The Little 2016 Election

When my oldest daughter (5th grade) ran for student body president her sister helped her film a video for her campaign. Her friend Jordan helped her make posters. Classmates genuinely cheered for her when she won. They stopped by the house to congratulate her after school. I did not see even a hint of envy. Instead they gave her genuine encouragement. There was no ego anywhere. That little election was was so much more genuine, honest, and honorable than anything that we saw in our country’s Presidential election. The kids get it. Why don’t we?

Below is part of her campaign video that she and her sister put together:

The Optimists

Last night she was given an award by the local chapter of the Optimist club. My daughter was attended by her principle, her grandmother, and her family. We were warmly greeted and the Optimist members gave us nothing but love, encouragement, and kindness. They had no agenda other than to celebrate and encourage today’s youth.

My daughter

Most of the members of the club were a generation older than my wife and myself and they seemed to “get it”. There was no pretense. There was no ego. There was just love, support, and encouragement. The evening opened with a prayer and featured a wonderful speaker Christina Flowers.

Christina has risen up in the Baltimore community and advocates tirelessly for the homeless. She has used what money she personally had to start supplying housing and can be found in City Hall advocating for the homeless and holding the government accountable for effective management of funds allocated to support the homeless. She does it all out of love and gives the credit to God. Her program has grown and has housed over 500 people.

Christina Flowers
Christina Flowers: Homeless Advocate

There is Reason to be Optimistic

Forget Trump and Clinton. We can be optimistic because prior generations “got it” and still  encourage our youth with love, support, principles, and role models. And we have real leaders, like Christina Flowers, who sacrifice everything to help others. And our own children understand it all better than we do. They love each other, support each other, accept each other, and encourage each other.

The Optimist Club Creed


  • Steps Forward:
    • Health: Spirit + (hope)


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